We specialize in injection molding of plastic parts for the automotive and other industries

technological capabilities

The machines have been operating for less than 5 years
Mono-Injection, Multi-component Injection (2-3) injection molding of plastic parts
Pad Printing
Our production facility is equipped with IMM manufactured by Wittman Battenfeld (Austria) of the Macro Power and Smart Power series for mono and multi-component injection with clamping force of 80t, 110t, 240t, 300t, 550t, 650t and also with 2 IMM for multi-component injection with a clamping force of 400t.
The machines are intended to process a wide variety of the resins including the ones with glass fiber up to 50%.
All machines work in automatic mode and are equipped with the robot grippers to take out the parts from the mold
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Russian Federation, 445043

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